Guide to Loan Origination System

A robust Loan Origination System (LOS) that can establish strong controls over the increasing bad debts rate in the industry and simultaneously be the panacea to the rising competition in the lending world, is the need of the hour.

When empowered by the right technological tools, the LOS can be turned into a sustainable competitive advantage for any lending organization. This guide delves into the core of the loan origination process and brings to the surface, the most key components of the system. 

This guide is your go-to place for every little detail that you are looking for inside the loan origination system!

SIntroduction to Loan Origination System


Introduction to Loan Origination System

A resilient loan origination system is vital for the success of any lender. Understanding its various components and nuances is key to building one such system!

10 Stages in the Loan Origination Process

10 Stages in the Loan Origination Process

Loan origination involves multiple entities, heaps of complex but important data and many intriguing processes. Learn about the nuances of the process through its 10 stages. 

An Introduction To Credit Bureaus

An Introduction To Credit Bureaus

Take a walk through the four credit reporting agencies of India and learn about their significance in the Loan origination process. 

Why should your lending business get API-fied?

Why should your lending business get API-fied?

APIs are the recent buzzword in the lending industry. Find out how APIs can empower your lending business in today’s competitive landscape.

Workflow Management – The Key to Efficient Loan Origination System

Workflow Management – The Key to Efficient Loan Origination System

As competition increases, lenders are forced to fine-tune their processes. The blog summarizes workflow management in lending and how digitization is the solution to streamlining the business.

How Mobility Is Transforming The Lending Sector

How Mobility Is Transforming The Lending Sector

Mobile technologies have touched every industry sector and lending is no exception. Find out how mobility has affected lenders and lending organizations in recent years.

Latest Trends in Loan Origination

Loan Origination – A Critical Step In Mastering The Loan Process

A loan origination system is critical to building a strong business. The blog talks about the system in detail and highlights the most significant areas within in.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the loan origination process?

The loan origination process involves a series of stages, such as loan application, loan processing, underwriting, approval or rejection of loan application and loan disbursement when a borrower applies for a loan and a lender disburses the loan amount after thoroughly evaluating the borrower through this stages.

What is los in underwriting?

The process of loan underwriting involves the lender determining whether to approve or reject lending to a borrower after evaluating the borrower's creditworthiness. Effective loan origination software is used to make this stage much easier for loan underwriters.

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