Introduction - Loan Origination System

CloudBankIn is a simple, secure, and scalable cloud-based lending platform that allows you to scale your business with digital customer onboarding! It benefits your clients and your employees, allowing for a fully automated, digital platform that facilitates speedy processing of new loans. Evaluating new clients becomes a breeze with automated decision-making algorithms along with inbuilt third-party integration that allows you to seamlessly transition your existing systems and processes. Automated workflows and processes allow you to enjoy improved operational efficiency and increased productivity while minimizing costs. Embrace the future of lending with CloudBankIn!

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Launch in just two days

Custom automated workflows let you tailor your products to your customer’s needs and enjoy faster processing and onboarding.


Operational Efficiency

Reduce costs and turnaround times for your onboarding processes with real-time progress tracking and analytics along with automation.


Business Presence

Faster onboarding and agile processes support scaling your business easily, allowing you to expand and grow organically!


Upgrade Your Existing Systems

Easy integration into your existing systems enables seamlessly transitioning to a bigger and better business.


Low Code Platform:

Adding new features or making tweaks to your current systems is a breeze with a low-code platform that improves workflows.



Create products for a wide variety of clients with agile, custom workflows for differing products.


Key Features

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Our Services

Services We Provide

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Customer Support

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Key features of Cloudbankin Loan Origination Software

Designed to add value to the customer acquisition processes in financial institutions, Cloudbankin’s Loan Origination System is an agile solution aimed at facilitating seamless operations across an array of processes. From attracting new borrowers, onboarding them onto your platforms, initiating processes, documentation, credit assessment, approvals and rejections to disbursals, our solution is designed to bring efficiency, accuracy and ease of operations!

Our proprietary tool is designed to streamline all the steps in the loan application process and generate an improved financial outcome for our clients. With a host of features and 100% support for both back and front offices for processing applications, our solution enables a near-instant, fully automated decision making process that can allow you to process loans in as soon as ten minutes!

Other options include: 

  • The ability to design applications according to the loan workflow
  • Data security through authorization overrides as and when applicable, and easy addition of extra data fields
  • Cross-selling platform integration
  • Automatic printing of required documents for signatories and electronic signing
  • A queuing system and an interest rate management system that allows you to create custom rate tables for varying products and services. 

These features are fully automated and data is cloud-integrated, meaning that you get to access your data when you need it, while your processes are handled by our systems. With individualised dashboards, your reporting and analytical processes become valuable tools to further grow your business while the easy navigation tools remove any obstacles between you and your next major client!

Built-in Integrations

Why Choose Cloudbankin Loan Origination System?

With a fully-loaded, superbly-automated, customisable customer journey and cloud-integrated solution for loan origination, you have secure access to data from various departments of the loan application process in real time. We further supplement this with the ability to define workflows and built-in capabilities for documentation processes such as imaging and archiving.

This enables a fully digital, paperless system to document your customers details in a systematic fashion, which is beneficial for both record-keeping as well as the environment! Our eKYC systems facilitate faster verifications while the GPS-enabled mobile app assists with field tracking of agents even in very remote locations. 

Cloudbankin’s Loan Origination System is a one-stop lending solution for financial institutions that is designed for speed, accuracy and an unparalleled customer experience. 

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