Lend Together for A Better Future

Building a co-lending platform-as-a-service for lenders for a better financing option. Our co-lending software offers a technology-driven solution for financial institutions seeking to expand their businesses by tapping into this credit product.

What’s in it for you?

Partner with multiple lenders now and give loans easily to your borrowers!

How Does This Work?

A fully automated and hassle-free platform integrated with multiple APIs to redefine the co-lending process for lenders.

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Benefits of Co-Lending

For Co-Lenders

For Borrowers

What Our No-Code-Low-Code Platform Offers?

Define the co-lending partnership ratio for funding

Define different loan products with classifications as secured and unsecured

Rule Engine Configuration

Multiple API Integration

Integrating Loan Origination/Loan Servicing System

Create Loan Management System

Supports n-number of lenders.

Generate repayment schedules for borrowers and synchronise with multiple lenders.

Define product-wise lenders and their lending parameters & automatically calculate the weighted interest rate.

Define multiple charges and sharing ratios.

Ability to foreclose, receive part payment, advance EMI.

Ability to easily write off loans.

Easily create templates for the loan agreement, SMS & EMI.

Display lender-relevant information for transactions.

Supports analytical lender-wise reporting.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the co-lending model work?

As per the RBI on the co-lending model, banks and NBFCs can co-lend to priority sector borrowers in a way that the loan is shared between the two lenders as per a pre-agreed formula. The co-lending banks are required to maintain an appropriate level of risk participation in the loans originated through the co-lending arrangement. The NBFC shall retain a minimum of 20% share of the individual loans on their books, and the risk-sharing ratio between the bank and the NBFC shall be as per their agreement. The co-lending banks shall be required to maintain their respective portfolio in their books. The co-lending model is expected to leverage the comparative advantages of banks and NBFCs in a collaborative effort to improve the flow of credit to priority sector borrowers while leveraging the technology-driven platforms of the NBFCs.

What is a co-lending platform?

A co-lending platform facilitates availing a loan that benefits all parties involved - borrower, larger lender, and smaller lender. Borrowers can obtain loans at a reduced & affordable rate. Larger lenders can access a broader range of borrowers, extending their reach into unserved and underserved sectors. Smaller lenders can maintain a consistent and dependable flow of cost-effective funding. Consequently, this approach promotes financial inclusivity and accelerates lending sector growth.

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