Why Choose CloudBankin

Holistic Digital Lending Solution

An end-to-end cloud-based loan software to transform your digital lending. 

Seamless loan disbursement in 10 minutes

Efficient Loan Origination System through which all kinds of financial institutions - Banks, NBFCs, MFIs can disburse loans in less than 10 minutes.

Customizable and Effective Onboarding process

A completely automated and integratable Loan Origination System offering hassle-free digital onboarding to financial institutions. 

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Key Benefits - CloudBankin End-to-End Lending Software Seamless Integration & Scalable Software Disbursing loans in 10 minutes Total Automation Dynamic Workflow Management


Loan Origination System

CloudBankin facilitates loan disbursement within 10 minutes encompassing intelligible client onboarding, data collection, eKYC and documentation.

Loan Management System

Comprehensive end to end system encapsulating  product creation, disbursement and management of loans through our cloud-based lending solution.

Rule Engine

Enhanced and cognitive credit decisioning for effective implementation of simple to complex credit policies to meet the requirements of the ever changing market.

Digital Onboarding

Enhanced and Effortless digital onboarding process well-suited for progressive financial establishments that are embracing the new normal.

CloudBankIN - Digital Lending Software

Building excellence with digital lending solution

Are you taking the first step towards revamping the digital infrastructure of your financial institution? Then, do it the CloudBankin-way!

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Awards and Acknowledgements

 CloudBankin is recognised as the Momentum Leader Winter 2024, High Performance Winter 2024, Best Support Winter 2024, and Best Relationship Winter 2024 batch by G2.com for better, faster, and excellent service to its clients.

Loan Origination Momentum Leader Leader
Loan Origination High Performer High Performer
Loan Origination Best Support Quality Of Support
Loan Origination Best Relationship

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