The Indian Loan Management System – During and After the Pandemic

The pandemic has affected individuals, businesses, communities and economies globally. New trends are catching up, some fleeting and some that will be deeply engrained into the system for the years to come. As several industry sectors open up to the...

Loan Management system

12 Factors To Be Considered Before Choosing A Loan Management System

Introduction Loan processing carried out in quick time provides competitive advantages to NBFCs and MFIs and better utilization of time for the applicants. Hence, there is a pressing need to have a technology that is time-saving for the institutions and...

How Management Information Systems (MIS) Help The NBFC Companies?

How Management Information Systems (MIS) Help The NBFC Companies?

NBFC (Non-Banking Financial Companies) are responsible for doing a lot of things a bank does, and are regulated by Reserve Bank of India. By providing loans to acquiring financial assets, NBFCs prove to be mighty useful despite their shortcomings. NBFCs...

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