Why should your lending business get

Everyone is talking about it!   API is like the buzzword in the lending sector!  But what are APIs and why is there so much hype around them? API stands for Application Programming Interface. They have been around for many years...

Guide to Loan Origination System

A Complete Guide to
Loan Origination System

A robust Loan Origination System (LOS) that can establish strong controls over the increasing bad debts rate in the industry and simultaneously be the panacea to the rising competition in the lending world, is the need of the hour. When...

Introduction to Loan Origination System

Introduction to Loan Origination System

What is Loan Origination System? Loan origination is the term used to explain the process in which a company or an individual obtains a loan from a lending entity such as bank, NBFC, micro financing company and so on. Loan...

Workflow Management

Workflow Management – The Key to Efficient Loan Origination System

There are probably very few business functions that are as complex, and customer focused as the loan origination system (LOS)! From when a loan request reaches a lending organization to loan disbursal, the process involves multiple phases and people. Added...

Introduction To Credit Bureaus

An Introduction To Credit Bureaus

What is a Credit Bureau? A company which collects information relating to the credit ratings of individuals and makes it available to banks, finance companies, etc. – The Oxford English Language Dictionary.  The third most important entity in the loan origination...

10 Stages in the Loan Origination Process

10 Stages in the Loan Origination Process

Introduction: Loan origination system (LOS) starts when the lending entity receives a loan request and continues all the way till the loan is funded or rejected. LOS is important for lenders because it plays a significant role in allowing the...


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