Impact of Budget 2021 on Banks & NBFCs

The Up And Coming Market of Loan Against Property

A business requires a financial boost on several occasions. It flourishes only when it receives financial support during times of need. Anyone would expect that support, especially when the business is in crisis or is expanding. Loan Against Property (LAP)...


How Lending Companies can disburse the loan in 10 mins

Technology has woven its magic in the 21st century across innumerable sectors, many of which have benefited from different aspects of their businesses: customer outreach, resource planning, and speed of product/service delivery to name a few. Along these lines, the...

Enhancing Customer Experience through Loan Origination System

Enhancing Customer Experience through Loan Origination System

Digitalization has shaken up the lending industry over the last decade in so many aspects, that banks and NBFCs haven’t had much time to address each one. A vital aspect of lending, Customer experience (popularly termed as ‘user experience’) can...

Loan Origination Post COVID 19 for MFIs

Loan Origination Post COVID-19 for MFIs

Microfinance or Microcredit is a significant part of the retail finance industry in India. It is the mainstay for providing access to finance to low-income households esp to women. Approx. 60 million women, who enjoy the largest share of the...


What is Co-Lending and
How will NBFCs Benefit From It?

Since the turn of the past decade, smaller lenders have taken the credit industry by storm – making giant, liquidity-filled strides all over the world. These are essentially small banks and non-banking financial companies (NBFCs), who have capitalized on the...

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