Co-Lending: Understand How It Is The Future Of Lending

Overview The lending world has evolved significantly in the past few years. Recently, we keep hearing buzzwords in the financial industry, such as Buy Now Pay Later, Co-Lending, etc. And to speak, co-lending has created a spark or stir (however...

2022 RBI Regulations on Digital Lending

Are 2022 Regulations on Digital Lending
a Boon or a Bane?

Overview There has been exponential growth in the digital lending industry, with many innovations driving the sector to produce many new financial products and services into the market. And with these products and services gaining popularity, regulatory bodies such as...

17 Fintechs in Chennai You Should Know About

18 Fintechs in Chennai
You Should Know About

Technology has found a home in every industry. In other words, the world can’t operate without it today. Every task, in essence, depends on it. Hence, it is not surprising to see technology paving its way into financial services. Fintechs...

Rise of digital SME Lending

The Rise of Digital SME Lending

The SME sector plays a significant role in our society. It contributes majorly to the growth of India’s economy. According to Economic Times, the Ministry of MSME reported that India has about 63 crores of MSMEs, which adds to the country’s economic development....

How the Pandemic changed the Banking Industry

How the Pandemic changed the
Banking Industry

At the start of 2020, the world was operating normally like usual. Who knew that we were to be hit by something that would change our whole lives within a short amount of time. The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the lives...

10 Influential Women in the Fintech Lending Industry of India

From Visionaries to Leaders: Meet the 19 Influential Women of Fintech Lending India

(List Updated March 2023) The winds of change have swept across the globe, ushering in a new era of the unstoppable force that is women in fintech. These powerhouses are making waves and breaking barriers, one disruptive idea at a...

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