Detecting Fraud in Digital Lending

In the traditional way of lending, how can we detect fraud? One of the answers we got is -

Redefining Banking

Do we need a Bank, or do we need Banking?

Revealing Borrower Data Sharing

Recent use case from a borrower:
1) When he applied for a loan from Bank-A

Decoding Embedded Lending in B2B Marketpalce

How does "Embedded Lending" work in B2B Marketplace?
1) "Embedded Lending - Fintech"

Anomalies Found in Bank Statement Analysis

Are you familiar with the majority of anomalies discovered during bank statement analysis?

Why Fintechs Don't Promise 10-Minute Collections

Every Fintech is pitching the same story where they can disburse the loan in less than 10 mins, or in-principle loan approval can be given in 5 mins.

Power of Relevant Data in Credit Underwriting

One of the bankers said, "If I know this customer is eating Briyani for Rs 250 every Tuesday, how can I use this data for underwriting?"

3 pivotal aspects of Loan origination in Loan Against Property

3 pivotal aspects of Loan origination in Loan Against Property

How Increased Risk Weight Impacts Paytm's Lending Plans

The RBI's recent move has stopped the Paytm's lending dreams, and you might be wondering why! Let me break it down for you in simple terms.

3 Common Loan Officer Frauds Exposed

3 Top common Mistakes/Frauds a Loan officer/Field Staff do and you can see how technology can help fix it.

Challenges of Integrating Lenders in Fintech

I had a candid chat with a fintech enthusiast about the struggles they face when integrating lenders/bankers into their Tech (Loan Origination System, Loan Management System, Core Banking Systems).

Starting a fintech business?

Starting a fintech business? Here's a tip: Focus on trust and your brand from the start – it really matters.

4 key stakeholders in Embedded Finance

4 key stakeholders in embedded finance.

1) Consumers: Let’s say, 

Decoding Credit Offers

Ever wondered how credit offers pop up when you're looking for a new iPhone on Amazon?

Utilizing Data from Consumer Internet Platforms for Embedded Finance

How can Consumer Internet Platforms such as MyGate or Quickr contribute valuable data for assessing customer eligibility in Embedded Finance?

Actual process of co-lending?

What is the actual process of co-lending? It involves 3 stage process:

3 lanes of fintech world

I spoke to a Lender where they have automated everything except one process. Do you know what that is?

8 Business Models

8 Business Models:
1) SaaS Cloud-based subscription Pay as you go - based on consumption (users, resources) e.g. Slack, Zoho

Why do customers love their banks?

6 points - Why do customers love their banks?
1) They get a simple, intuitive, and friction-free experience.

Cost of a failed transaction in Financial Services?

What's the cost of a failed transaction in Financial Services? First, let's take an example in a different industry.

Future of BNPL

Let us talk about the most sought means of digital lending called BNPL or Buy Now and Pay Later.

What is the Gig economy?

What is the Gig economy?
A labor market that doesn't work on traditional nine-to-five office jobs.

Reasons for why people love credit cards?

Top 8 reasons Why people love credit cards?
1) It gives a clear credit line in your pocket

Revolutionizing Lending: Short Tenor Working Capital Loans and OCEN

As a lender, do you want to focus on a segment worth 17 Lakh crore?
Let me explain how the existing market works. How will banks give loans to small businesses?

The Surging Growth of India's Credit Card Industry

The Credit card industry in India is growing at a high CAGR of 22-25% YoY.
9.1 crore - credit cards in India

EMI Preferences in Indian E-commerce:

If a customer makes a purchase in an e-commerce site/Retail shop using a Credit card, What option does he prefer?

Enhance Borrower Experience with Technology and Support

I was talking to a lender yesterday. The conversation went as follows:

Blended Interest RateBlended Interest RateBlended Interest RateBlended Interest Rate


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