Embedded Finance - Use case 4

Let's explore some more #embeddedfinance use cases today.

Embedded Finance - Use case 3

#Embeddedfinanceseries is back with a new use case - embedded insurance

Embedded Finance - Use case 2

Glad to receive your thoughts on #embeddedfinanceseries regarding #embeddedpayments.

Embedded Finance - Use case 1

In the previous post, we discussed the details of embedded finance on #learnatermwithMani.

Embedded Finance - Intro

Since the pandemic hit, embedded finance has become one of the hottest trends in fintech.

The UPI Revolution: Convenient and Secure Digital Payments

UPI transactions have doubled in volume and value since COVID.

Digital Transformation in Financial Services: Benefits and Technologies

Over the past decade, the financial services industry has undergone a massive technological revolution, and the results are as below -

TNPL: Redefining Travel Financing with Digital Lending and Fintech

Have you heard about TNPL? Among customers opting for TNPL, SOTC Travel Ltd. has experienced a 7X surge in queries.

Linking Credit Cards to UPI: Impact on Fintechs and BNPL Services

RBI has proposed linking credit cards to UPI. Can this be beneficial to fintechs? Will this bring BNPL services under the regulation?

Empowering MSMEs: How Fintech is Transforming Access to Finance

Do you know more than 40% of the 58 million MSMEs in India lack access to traditional lending?

Customer Experience Revolution: Wake-Up!

83.9% of financial institutions think customer experience can be a game-changer. 60.9% consider improved customer experience has made a massive difference.

BNPL Boosts Diwali Sales

Diwali is around the corner, so let's revisit what last year 2021 sales nationwide are telling us -

Essential Features of a Digital Lending Solution: Meeting Lender's Requirements for Efficiency and Growth

What should a digital lending solution address? India's digital lending market has explodingly facilitated $2.2 billion in the digital loans segment for 2021-22 alone.

New lending tech trends

New lending tech trends: API-driven lending ecosystems, Data Analytics, Account Aggregators, End-to-end digitization.

Digital Payment: Transforming Transactions

What is Digital Payment? Any payment that takes place electronically through online/digital mode is called digital payment. It eliminates the need for the physical exchange of funds.

Fintech Fraud Prevention Insights

Is fraud prevention possible in fintech? Some good news - India topped 48 global markets with 25.5 billion real-time payment transactions in one year.

Thriving NBFC Industry

India's NBFC (Non-Banking Financial Companies ) industry is thriving and diversifying rapidly.

Digital Lending so Compelling

What makes digital lending so compelling to me? The word loan resembles a responsibility, a need, and in many cases, it is associated with dreams and hopes.

Safe Digital Lending Ecosystem?

Over 1100 lending apps are available on the Google play store for the Indian market; how many of them are safer for borrowers?

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