Starting a fintech business? Here’s a tip: Focus on trust and your brand from the start – it really matters. Always do what you promise, and don’t get stuck in the usual business routine. For growth, avoid sticking to the norm.

Here’s the interesting part: to grow, try something new. Why? India is on the edge of a big economic jump, going from $4 trillion to a huge $10 trillion in 10-15 years. The financial services part is significant, making up about 30%-35% of the whole mix. Your business can only do well if that part grows too.

Now, let’s talk opportunity – with only 10 crores in a nation of 147 crores, areas like insurance and mutual funds are like hidden treasures. It won’t happen overnight, but the next decade? Loaded with awesome chances!

So, fellow entrepreneurs, as you start your fintech journey, remember to build trust, break free from the ordinary, and get ready for a decade full of exciting opportunities! Let’s make it happen!

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