After smartphone penetration, people are not watching their SMS at all. They use SMS only for OTP related transactions. That’s it.

But What can a Lender see in your SMS after you consent to them?
Lender can see income, expenses, and any other Fixed Obligation like (EMIs/Credit Card).

  1. Income – Parameters like Average Salary Credited, Stable Monthly inflows like Rent
  2. Expenses – Average monthly debit card transactions, UPI Transactions, Monthly ATM Withdrawal Amount etc
  3. Fixed Obligations – Loan payments have been made for the past few months, Credit card transactions.

It also tells the Lender the adverse incidents like
1) Missed Loan payments
2) Cheque bounces
3) Missed Bill Payments like EB, LPG gas bills.
4) POS transaction declines due to insufficient funds.

A massive chunk of data is available in our SMS (more than 700 data points), which helps Lender to make a credit decision.

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