83.9% of financial institutions think customer experience can be a game-changer.
60.9% consider improved customer experience has made a massive difference.

The previous generation’s patience in time-taking processes does not meet our standards.

Today’s millennials, as customers, only expect things instantaneously, or their options are vast.

What does that mean? 
– Customers’ expectations are changing dynamically, and it’s time for financial institutions to give it a serious thought.

The reasons – 
1) From brick-and-mortar physical banks, customers now need trust-based services with transparency, quality products and tools, consistency, and responsiveness.
2) Their expectations for banking are similar to what they have for eCommerce with Amazon and Flipkart. Tech-savvy customers need tech-robust services.
3) Consumers have multiple options, which puts financial services as a segment in an intense competitive circle.
4) Besides, #Fintechs are spinning the innovation board fast and catching up on customer expectations to create a unique position in the industry.

Do you think it’s a wake-up call enough for the traditional banking sector? 
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