Fraud Detection and Prevention in Financial Institutions

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    Vikas Vinayak

    CISO @Vishwas Co-op Bank

    Vinayak Vishwanath

    CISO @GP Parsik Sahakari Bank

    Sudhakar Raja

    CEO @TRST Score

    Preekshit Gupta

    Vice President @Bureau

    Mani Parthasarathy

    Co Founder @Cloudbankin


    In an era of technological advancements, the risk of lending fraud has become a significant concern for financial institutions in India.

    Join us for an insightful webinar on “Fraud Detection and Prevention in Financial Institutions” on 11th July at 4 PM as we delve into exploring effective strategies to safeguard an institution’s financial integrity and protect both the organization and customers from fraudulent activities.

    During this webinar, our esteemed panel of industry experts will share their in-depth knowledge in the field of lending fraud prevention. Register now to secure your spot and mark your calendars for 11th July 2023.

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