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    Karan Desai

    Non Executive Director @Ruloans

    Jagadeesh Balu

    MD @Athena Capital, Ex-Founder Member Co-Lending @Yubi

    Mani Parthasarathy

    Co Founder @Cloudbankin


    Co-lending generally entails financial institutions working together to provide borrowers with loan products and services. The co-lending strategy developed by the Reserve Bank of India has promoted risk sharing and made it easier for banks and non-bank lenders to work together. The recent RBI guidelines have also impacted the co-lending model in the Indian financial Ecosystem. Although the concept appears attractive in theory, it faces significant organisational, operational and technical issues. 

    Join us on the Live Webinar about Co-Lending by Banks and NBFCs on 6th Dec’22 @ 4 PM.

    What you’ll learn

    1) What is the current scenario of Co-Lending?
    2) What are the major RBI guidelines on Co-Lending?
    3) What is co-lending by banks and NBFCs?
    4) What are the benefits & risks involved?
    5) Will co-lending be the future of India?

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