Ever wondered how credit offers pop up when you’re looking for a new iPhone on Amazon?

Here are the two main ways it happens:
Fintech runs a DRE (Data Room Exercise) on your encrypted data given by Brands like Amazon, upfront to decide if you’re good for a credit offer.
Amazon(the Brand) asks, “Want a credit offer for the iPhone you’re looking at?” It’s like getting your approval before running any Credit check.

Some Fintech Enthusiasts say that the first approach is scaling. Let me tell you why. Imagine you have money to travel to the Maldives and you’re planning a trip on MakeMyTrip. An offer pops up telling you are good for a credit offer, and then, after a credit check the app says you’re not eligible for the offer.

MakeMyTrip loses a customer like you who was ready to pay by themselves. The first way avoids this, making sure the customer is not lost.

In the world of embedded finance, simplicity is key. 

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